Successful Students

We love it when our students pass their driving test and love to give them a chance to feedback on their experiences while learning with us. This page shows a small selection of the many positive comments we've received over the years.

Well done, everyone, and thank you for your kind words.


  • Excellent standards of teaching, I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Ian Lavell and would recommend him to anyone, he was recommended to me by a friend and I'm glad i took their advice.
    Dana Mullen
  • open quote Would highly recommend this driving instructor, very friendly and brilliant at his job. He will have you driving in no time :- ) close quote
    Kirsty Dewar
  • open quote Hi Ian,
    Hope you are well, just thought I would drop you an email to let you know I passed my part 2 today, I would like to thank you for all your help as I don't think I would have passed without your tuition. close quote
    Jackie Campbell
  • open quote Ian’s invaluable help, patient approach and manner helped me through my advanced motoring course. His experience was key; I personally responded well to the approach of his lesson layout and the objectives he set prior to each lesson to get the most out of each lesson and myself, ultimately getting me through my training quicker than expected.
    Ian is a quality instructor with a warm personality, a wealth of experience and adaptable to all levels of student. close quote
    Bruce Brookes-Tee
  • open quote Throughout my training with Ian as a PDI, he was always professional, pleasant and helpful. He is able to put things over in a calm and easy to understand way. He’s very approachable and an absolutely font of knowledge and experience. He also has a great sense of humour, so you’ll laugh while you learn! close quote
    Susan Dimmock PDI
  • open quote After Training with Ian for my Part 2 and Part 3, I managed to past both tests first time. I would recommend Ian to all who would like to become an ADI, he has a easy manner and great personality. If it wasn't for him I would more than likely be going around in circles with my Part 3. His consistent approach made it seem easy, I was still nervous on my test but if it wasn't for the training I would have been worse. Thank you very much Ian. close quote
    Sergio Perestrelo ADI
  • open quote Ian is full of practical advice and really useful tips to help making driving easy and comprehensible. I was really struggling with a combina- tion of lack of confidence and difficulty grasping the practical side of driv- ing, and Ian’s down-to-earth, friendly approach alongside his absolute commitment to helping you pass your test makes him without doubt the best instructor in the area, (if not the world!) Thank you so much for all your help Ian . close quote
    Kirsty Bellwood
  • open quote Ian is a fantastic instructor. He taught in a way that was tailored to me and I not only gained confidence but enjoyed myself as well. I would rec- ommend Ian to anyone and I was not nervous on my test day because I had a great teacher. close quote
    Andy from Dumfries
  • open quote I had an amazing time with Ian! He was very patient with me and worked with my learning needs to make sure I felt comfortable before my test. Ian was also very flexible towards when I was able to learn and worked at a pace I felt comfortable with. I’d like to say a huge thanks to him for passing my test first time! You gave me confidence when I had none! close quote
    Jessica Lucas
  • open quote Best driving instructor ever! Helps you with whatever you need. From the first time I got in the car with Ian I’ve felt at ease, not nervous in the slightest. He lets you take control of the lessons and do whatever that you are struggling with or not sure on. Will miss having a lesson every week with Ian! Definitely booking “Pass Plus” with Ian and can’t wait for that. To his future students, good luck. Not that you will need it with Ian as your instructor. close quote
    Cory McGuigan
  • open quote I absolutely loved learning to drive with Ian he taught me so much and gave me so much confidence in myself and my ability to drive safely. He explained everything inn depth and made sure I understood 100% what I was doing. Before I met Ian I never thought I would ever be a good driver or ever be in control of a vehicle so I thank him so much. I would highly recommend Ian to other people looking to learn how to drive as he has so much patients and is a phenomenal driving instructor. Thank you so much Ian - you ROCK! close quote
    Caitlyn Chisholm
  • open quote Ian is a brilliant driving instructor and would recommend him to anyone that is wanting to drive "Excellent" close quote
    Luke Dovaston
  • open quote Ian is very professional, really great to learn with. Highly recommended. Thanks millions. close quote
    Chris Burgess
  • open quote I really enjoyed my lessons with Ian, he always made me feel relaxed and at ease. I passed my test first time and can't thankIan enough for getting me there. I would highly recommend Ian to anyone learning to drive. close quote
    Paije Redford
  • open quote After spending a number of years on and off with numerous instructors, I can confidently say he has been the best by for. Ian’s light-hearted manner allows for an excellent relaxed learning environment that has ensured that I not only passed my test, but made me a competent and safe driver… shame about all his terrible jokes! Many many thanks. close quote
    Iain Gillett
  • open quote Passed the test first time and really enjoyed it because I felt so comfortable. Ian is a great teacher and built my confidence by having the faith in me.Definitely recommend him as the one to go for if you want a smooth driving experience. close quote
    Alicia Ng
  • open quote I felt Ian Lavell was an excellent instructor and was extremely patient with me when I made mistakes. I am so glad I chose “Qualify” to practice with. Ian Lavell is fantastically good at his job and social skills and I highly recommend him to learn with. close quote
    Sean Boyle
  • open quote I thoroughly enjoyed all my driving lessons with Ian and I learned how to drive to my best ability. Each lesson he gave me different things to achieve and I managed to do them with his help.
    Overall he is a great instructor. close quote
    Jenna Moore
  • open quote I’d like to take this opportunity to let other learner drivers know that I’ve been taking lessons from Ian Lavell for a few months. I found Ian to be very patient, professional and informative, he also boosted my confidence in driving.
    I passed first time, (08/03/2016) thanks to Ian and would urge anyone to learn and pass with Ian.
    Great value for money lessons and a great guy into the bargain. close quote
    Scott Wright